Sunday, January 11, 2009

A man with a plan

In his recent and most-awesome-yet presser, Rod looks disturbingly like the cat who swallowed the canary. Now, I'll grant you, he might be nuts. He has been displaying a psychotic disregard in the face of his inevitable downfall.

But Rod might have a card he hasn't played yet. He certainly looks to me like someone who still has something in his back pocket. At first, I thought he would hold on to the Senate appointment and use that as bargaining chip. But with that gone, I wonder if he might be ready to take some people down with him. At this point, he must know where more than a few of the bodies are buried and what might happen were they unearthed. And given that he's showed no signs of taking the contrition route, Rod might be ready to dig a few of those bodies up.

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Tom D said...

I think his plan is to use the amendatory veto to change his name in the Senate resolution that convicts him. I'm guessing he'll sub in a Madigan or two.