Wednesday, August 11, 2010

So, who was it again who took the bomp from the bompalompalomp?

I just saw this article from the bastion of the establishment media.  It's about the Colorado Senate primary.  Read it if you'd like, noting perhaps the cute picture of one white guy or another with his daughter popping out the back of his head, a young Athena to his Zeus.

Or don't read it.  I don't know why you would.  At this point, I feel like I've read a million articles about politics just like this one.  It tells me who ran, who won, who's up, who's down, what it all might mean for this player or that one.  But it doesn't tell me anything about what this all means, what might be at stake for me, or my neighbor, or my sister-in-law in California, or anyone but the candidates named in the article.

We put up with article after article like this, each one only interesting to people who follow politics the way others follow sports.  I can see why this article would appear in some political trade, but why does it appear anywhere else?

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