Saturday, December 13, 2008

But I just turned up the thermostat....

Of all the arguments people make about climate change, ones like this from Vox Day are my favorites. Dig, if you will, this paean to logic:
I'm quite confident that the "global warming" concept is a complete crock on both historical and anecdotal grounds. We have palm trees in our backyard, but already this winter, and last winter as well, we've had more snow than we'd seen in the previous ten years combined.
This comes after s/he cites this article about snow in Houston as evidence that global warming is not a problem. Because it's getting colder, idiots.

But what do we do on the next unseasonably warm day in Chicago? I guess that'll mean that the whole global warming thing is back on.

Why can't this stupid planet just make up its mind?

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Cov said...

The rest of us are clear on the difference between climate and weather, right?

Unseasonably cold days, extremely cold days, etc. fall under weather.

The fact that the average global temperature is rising (no matter what you see in your backyard) is an effect of climate.

The rise of average global temperatures is what effects global warming, not the local temperatures of one city in the world.